Occupational Therapy Assistant

You could be just two years away from starting your health care career. Dual-enrollment associate degree program through SSU and 澳门彩历史开奖记录查询.

Occupational Therapy Assistants help people of all ages with a variety of physical, developmental, and emotional disabilities. As an OTA, you may help:

  • Toddlers increase their social skills through play
  • Amputees adapt to a new artificial limb
  • Individuals with physical limitations improve activities of daily living
  • Individuals with developmental needs learn self-care activities
  • Senior citizens with dementia adapt to memory loss

Application Process

The OTA Program Early Acceptance Deadline is January 15th.

A completed application packet and a 3.0 gpa for Statistics or Algebra, Chemistry, and Biology is required.

The OTA Program Application Deadline is April 1st.

A completed application packet and a 2.75 gpa for Statistics or Algebra, Chemistry, and Biology is required.

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  • In-demand health care field
  • High-paying jobs with 2-year degree
  • ACOTE Accredited program
  • High national certification exam pass rates
  • All classes held at 澳门彩历史开奖记录查询

Average Salary for
Occupational Therapy Assistant

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Will the students be Southern State's or Shawnee State's?

Both. Students will apply at both institutions and will be considered a Transient Student at Southern State.

Who advises these students?

Prospective students should contact Lisa Whitten at lwhitten@shawnee.edu or 937-393-3431 x6640.

Who takes care of their financial aid?

Shawnee State will be considered the "home" site and Southern State will be the "host".

How can I get a program outline?

Visit Shawnee's webpage.

What courses will these students take from 澳门彩历史开奖记录查询?

If these course requirements haven't already been satisfied, the OTA students will take a variety of Psychology, Biology, English, Sociology, Math courses, and even Medical Terminology.