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Want to learn from home? You're in the right place to learn how and to discover if online learning is right for you!

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Student Canvas Orientation

The Student Canvas Orientation is designed to give you the information and tools you need to be successful in your online and hybrid courses, is self-paced, and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. Even if you have taken an online course before, be sure to take advantage of the resources and support available.

Student Canvas Orientation CRDW 1100
  • All new students are placed in CRDW 1100 Student Canvas Orientation

If you have any questions please email

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Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Is taking an online class a good fit for you?

Learning through distance learning classes require different skills than traditional courses. It is important to understand what you are getting into, including the commitment necessary for success. The following assessment will give you a good idea of your readiness for distance learning.

This assessment is for informational purposes only and is not required for enrollment. For additional help with course, considerations consult with your academic advisor.

Instructions: For each row in the table below, click the radio button that best describes you. When you are finished, read the guidelines for interpreting the score.

Answers that indicate an online course is a good choice.   Weight   Answers that indicate an online class may not be a good choice at this time.
I am ready for online learning!  
  I may need a little more preparation.


Interpreting the Results

A total score of 17 or higher in the right-hand column is a strong indication that you will likely face more challenges than may be desired in an online class. While online may not be the best choice at the moment, if you are still interested in being an online student, you should understand some of the challenges and what you need to do to overcome them. A page hosted by the Illinois Online Network has some good discussion: .

Questions that are weighted "3" and "4" in the center column address crucial study skills needed for an online class. The most successful online students will have answered all of those questions in the left-hand column (regardless of what their total score happens to be) or will work to address them over the course of the semester.

Questions weighted "1" and "2" are also important for an online class, but many of the topics they address are things that don't automatically block a student's academic success in the class or can be remedied once the class begins.


This work is licensed under a . This material is based on original content by Glenn Pillsbury at Stanislaus State, which was published freely under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license at .

Minimum Computer Requirements

Check the MyCanvas to make sure you have the required platform technologies. You will also need the following minimum requirements:

  • Reliable internet service provider (dial-up connection will work but DSL or cable is preferred)
  • Reputable anti-virus program (be sure to regularly update your anti-virus program and visit to be sure you have the latest protection against viruses)

Some MyCanvas courses use browser plugins. To view portions of these sites, you may need one or more of the following plugins (browsers will generally automatically download any plugin required by a particular page):

  • Adobe Reader – view, navigate and print Adobe PDF files across all major computing platforms
  • – view interactive quizzes, animations and activities
  • – run applications and applets that use Java technology
  • QuickTime – view videos
  • Real Player – play video and audio files
  • Shockwave – view interactive quizzes, animations and activities
  • Windows Media Player – play video and audio files

Online Instructor Requirements

Online instructors may require students to have access to specific programs or other resources and may also require the student to complete an orientation at the beginning of the semester. Find out what your instructor requires at:


Online instructors expect students to have required textbooks in hand on the first day of the semester. Textbooks for online courses are only available at the Central Campus Bookstore or the If ordered online you can choose "store pick-up" or "ship to residence or business." If you are ordering from the Online Hillsboro store and requesting store pick-up, you will be prompted to choose on which campus you will be picking up your books.

Contact the Bookstore for more information on obtaining textbooks.